Garden Locations

GrowLocal Sharing Gardens
(Open to the Public)

Sharing Garden: A garden planned, planted and maintained as one large garden, produce is available to anyone to take what they need.
*Depicted by green markers

  • Bethany Sharing Garden (3305 Longlois Drive, Lafayette 47904)
  • Brown Street Sharing Garden (905 Brown Street, Lafayette 47904)
  • Erie Street Sharing Garden (612 Erie Street, Lafayette 47904)
  • First Baptist Sharing Garden (411 North 7th Street, Lafayette 47901)
  • Footbridge Sharing Garden (244-264 Smith Street, Lafayette 47905)
  • Howarth Sharing Garden (615 N 18th St, Lafayette, IN 47904)
  • Lincoln Sharing Garden (1126 N 6th Street, Lafayette 47904)
  • North 12th Street Sharing Garden (1733 N 12th St, Lafayette, IN 47904)
  • Salvation Army Sharing Garden (1110 Union Street, Lafayette 47905)
  • Trinity United Methodist Sharing Garden (404 N 6th Street, Lafayette 47901)

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Community Garden: A garden subdivided into plots available to private gardeners for their own use within common guidelines by agreement by season; the gardens featured on this map that are categorized as Community/Sharing gardens have both sharing plots and community plots.
*Depicted by orange markers

  • None.  Effective with the 2019 season, we have no gardens with community plots.

Education and Teaching Gardens (a garden planned, planted and maintained as one garden; produce used for educating the public about nutrition and gardening and should not be harvested without permission)
*Depicted by blue markers

Even though we ask the public to not pick the produce, we do encourage folks to come into the building to find out more about classes and educational programming.

  • Food Finders Teaching and Education Garden (1204 Greenbush Street, Lafayette 47904)

COVID-19 Guidelines To keep our gardens available and to keep everyone involved safe and healthy, please read and observe these COVID-19 guidelines.