Become a Member

We currently have over 20 gardens in our network, which is very exciting for our community as we grow together. If you have a garden and are interested in joining our network, please note the following benefits, expectations, and membership types.

Benefits of Membership

As a member garden of GrowLocal (GL), the following benefits will be received:

  • educational training in partnership with Purdue Extension, including, but not limited to best practices in: gardening, organizing, marketing, and volunteer recruitment;
  • seedlings to be planted in the member garden;
  • grant writing support for joint grant applications; and
  • support from a Purdue Master Gardener.

Member Expectations

During the membership term, the member garden agrees to:

  • provide a member garden contact for GL;
  • send a representative to all GL meetings;
  • contribute to the operations of GL;
  • attend GL educational training sessions;
  • volunteer for GL events and activities;
  • distribute marketing materials for GL; and
  • promote associated activities and events on member garden social media.

Membership Types

Many of our gardens are share gardens, which are gardens planned, planted and maintained as one large garden. Produce is available to anyone to take what they want/need.

We also have some gardens that are community gardens, or gardens subdivided into plots available to private gardeners for their own use within common guidelines by agreement by season. (Some gardens feature a combination of share and community plots)

Finally, some of our network members are private gardens, or those which are located in an organization’s or individual’s private yard serving one particular group.

Membership Agreement

Here is a link to the GrowLocal membership agreement that all member gardens sign: GLL Membership Agreement

If you are interested in becoming a member garden, please send us an email at For more on volunteer opportunities, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.